The healthiest snack on the go

Snack Bites Crush Sugar Cravings

Each Bite has a delicious 4 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs, 4 grams of beneficial fats and about 50 calories of organic goodness. Snack Bites are also preservative free.

Snack Bites are a great low sugar, gluten free go to snack for everyone.  The clean nutrients and fats in Snack Bites are easily absorbed and use, making them a truly feel-good snack.

Snack Bites Are Great for:

  • Breakfast on the run
  • A pre-work out
  • A School Snack
  • A travel Snack
  • An afternoon pick me up
  • bedtime snack.
  • Anytime you’re having a sugar craving snack

Our Mission is to be Part of the Solution

Snack Bites are fresh, handmade and preservative free.  Not only is our product handmade, but so are our display stands.  Our plastic packaging and labels are made in America.  And even our SEO company, designers and support businesses are all our favorite flavor, local and made in America.

Snack Bites are an Authentically Good for you Snack

They’re made with just a few ingredients, But they are packed with nutrients.  They are made with organic nut butters, brand name made in America proteins, flax seeds, organic rice crisps and a touch of pure cane sugar molasses. Our Flavors feature hormone free whey protein isolate and others feature vegan proteins.
Snack Bites are conveniently packaged to take on the go. Each tube has least two servings, eat some now, save some for later or even better, share with your friends.

Snack Bites are sold in over 20 stores in 3 states, as well online.  Imagine, ordering your Snacks made fresh from our facility.  Oh wait, you can.  Snack Fresh!

We currently have five great tasting flavors:

• Peanut Butter (organic), with all natural hormone free whey protein isolate, organic flaxseed and organic rice crips.
• Vegan Cran Almond, made with non-gmo almond butter, organic vegan proteins and cranberries.
• Sunny Honey, made with organic sunflower butter with vegan non-gmo proteins, a hint of orange and raw honey.
• Chia Chocolate made with organic peanut butter, organic chocolate, chocolate organic rice crisps and all natural whey protein isolate, hormone free.
• Nutty Monkey, made with organic peanut butter, organic chocolate and all natural banana whey protein isolate, hormone free
• Mocha Chia Almond, made with organic almond butter, Vietnamese cinnamon and non-GMO verified mocha vegan protein

Set up for success with calories that work for you!