Nutritional Chef Service

Proper nutrition is a vital foundation to your health and is recognized as complementary medicine.

Wholesome Meal’s Nutrition Chef Service is designed meet your individual health needs as well as taste, serving clean quality ingredients that adhere to the Wholesome Promise.
• 100% natural
• We use Organic and 100% all natural, non-GMO ingredients
• We Follow the EWG’s Shopper’s guide to pesticide in produce
• Always low in carbs and sugars

Enjoy a diet, nutrient dense and bio available designed just for you.
Our nutrition chef service offers the custom, one on one attention to specific health needs as well as taste. We work in conjunction with South Florida medical professionals, nutritionists, trainers and Life Extension, Nutrition Center in Ft Lauderdale, Florida to help you manage your individual needs


We source our ingredients from Marando Farms Farmers Market, Whole Foods and Direct from Davie Growers.
Clean proteins; organic, grass fed or wild
Local organic cage free eggs
Organic and pesticide free, local produce as available
Non-GMO ingredients
Gluten free grains and carbohydrates
Organic Coconut Oil, olive oil and organic butter
We source and highest quality ingredients available

Hourly Chef rate: $125.oo
Initial consultation fees apply at $75.00 hourly
Your meals are prepared in a professional commercial facility 8308 W Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, Florida 33351
Delivery fees apply
954 288-6227