Meet The Chef

I’m Chef  CEO Elisa Eliot, an award winning, 5 Star reviewed, event caterer, celebrity chef, author, motivational speaker, nutrition chef and “soul” creator of  Snack Bites, I know that’s a mouth full, I couldn’t resist :-).

My first business, Chef Elisa’s Catering started out as a personal chef service.  It was then, I first began learning about nutrition and health.  So For over 20 years, one day a week,  I’ve worked a as a private nutrition chef, serving celebs, athletes and the sick. Clients came to me with their doctor’s nutrition protocols, diets, and or trainer recommendations.   I quickly learned how to prepare meals for diabetes types I and II, heart disease, high blood pressure, IBS, Crohns, celiac syndrome, cancers; lung, gut, brain and blood, gout, Fat Piix a edit biggerdiverticulitis,  many private physician protocols, along with every single medically condoned and  trendy diet du jour that hit the market since 1950.

I also learned how to get on top of my own  little weight problem. I found my nutrition religion, as they say, right after I caught on fire.  Yep a portable burner caught on fire and I was definitely standing in the wrong place.  I suffered 3rd degree burns on my hand and leg which required a skin graph, 4 days in the hospital, backed-up with 3 month of intensive physical therapy.  Strangely that experience changed my life forever, for the better.     I now eat clean and on point for 90% of my meals.   And even with the temptations of my career, I still managed to ditch 80 pounds.  While the Catering biz grew I  kept my Monday meal prep days for private clients who wanted their meals delivered weekly cause, well it’s my way  of also getting my personal nutrition on point.  Chef Bonus!

It turns out I needed to lose those 80 pounds so I could go get after those 5 star reviews.   You see catering is the most physically challenging gig in my field.  It involves lots of heavy lifting, 18 hour shifts on the legs and tons of sweating.   So I eat for it and I train for it.

It is in this experience I learned the key to physical performance is clean eating. The whole conversation is about gut health and performance, whether your training to give a big smack down in a wrestling ring, have an auto immune condition, and even cancer. Current Science shows eating foods that are bio available and low inflammatory naturally gives your body the chance to fully absorb and upload essential nutrients and make use of them to create new cells.

Chefe tilt

The curiosity about the healing better,  feeling better and performing beast phenomenon gave birth to this my second company, Wholesome Meal.  My clients kept asking for a clean treat. So a little protein and peanut butter later, the Snack Bite was born, designed and filled with benefits in every bite. “How many flavors of Snack Bites did it take me lose 80 pounds??? Five”.

Wholesome Meal’s mission to make healthy eating easy.