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By the ingredients alone Wholesome Meal Snack Bites already sound amazingly good for you. With 5 flavors there is surely one that will be right up your alley, with all flavors made with organic ingredients and are naturally gluten free. Created with (organic) nut butters, flax seed, (organic) rice crisps, protein powders and other healthy ingredients (which vary by flavor.)

Since Wholesome Meal touts their snack bites as clean energy, I wanted to see much fuel they provide for me. On mornings that I go to the gym I usually have half a banana as my pre-workout fuel and my regular full breakfast after I return. Half a banana really does a good job for an hour to hour and half of keeping my hungar under control, while sometimes leaving the gym slightly hungry and ready to eat again. Instead of half a banana I tried one snack bite to see how much staying power these little guys had. Apparently a lot! I wasn’t even my usual “hungry” when I left the gym and was amazed at how long the nut butters help to keep me full. When you’ve got an empty stomach these totally will knock that hunger out. I would much rather reach for these than a sugary granola bar.

Now for the taste; I had originally expected them to be a creamy, sticky mess as if I was eating a big spoonful of nut butter. However that is not the case and I don’t know how they do it, but they are not sticky and very dry. Though they do become a bit creamier when you begin to eat them. I would suggest you have a beverage handy as you may get the feeling of being a dog with a mouth full of peanut butter longing for his water bowl. None of which are negative points towards the snack bites as they are a product that does its job, crushing my hunger.

Depending on the flavor, one snack bite only has 55-61 calories, each with 4 grams of protein, carbs and fat. All flavors are similar because of their main ingredient of nut butter, yet have some tasty differences. Chia Chocolate packs a double punch with its dark chocolate chips and organic chocolate flavored syrup, they were full of chocolately goodness. But eating chocolate first thing in the morning isn’t for me.

Vegan Cran Almond has the distinct reminder of Thanksgiving, as it is likely the only time of the year I get to enjoy cranberries. Made with Non-GMO almond butter, real pieces of cranberries and flax seed. These organic and all natural ingredients will help to fuel you while avoiding any animal products.

With a burst of orange flavor Sunny Honey will give you a surprise of flavor you may not expect, I certainly didn’t. With orange zest and tangerine-dream protein powder included in these bites will remind you of enjoying a juicy citrus fruit, with the benefits of sunflower seed butter instead of a traditional nut butter. This flavor was fine, but not one of my favorites, I’d rather drink my citrus.

Nutty Monkey is full of organic chocolate rice crisps and organic peanut butter with a hint of banana flavor from the whey protein used. The chocolate crisps are pretty subdued, as I didn’t really taste them much or the hint of banana but I assure it’s supposed to be in there.

Peanut Butter is exactly what it says, made with organic peanut butter and filled with many crunchy rice crisps. This flavor is the most traditional you’ll find. If you are a peanut butter lover, this is the snack bite for you.

Nutritionally these bites have done a fantastic job in relieving my hunger and preventing it as well. If you are looking for a healthy quick snack, consider wholesome meal snack bites, they won’t disappoint. A tube of 6 bites retails for $5.99, that’s $.99 a bite. Perhaps that is more costly than an entire granola bar, but with ingredients you can pronounce these bites could be healthier for you for a quick refuel without all that other junk included. These are sold at select food stores in Florida, New York City and New Jersey. Check here to see if there is a store near you or to order online.



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