Do you want to know what I learned cooking for these guys ....

And many more including  included  Dwayne Johnson “the Rock” Johnson, Ata Johnson, Dan Marino and family, Former Miami Dolphin’s General Manager Jeff Ireland’s daughters’, actor Tommy Lee Jones’s family, Former NFL players Jason Taylor and Terry, Kirby, Chris Grattan, NHL Florida Panther hockey players, The Indigo Girls, heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, Tanji Patton, Good Taste TV and former television news anchor, Walt Freese, former CEO for Stony Brook Farms and Ben & Jerry’s, Dr. Burton Grossman, Texas Billionaire philanthropist, Adam Terris, minor league baseball player and clients of Dr. Bret Emery, Behavioral Medicine, including Atlanta Braves baseball players, professional golfers, members of Lance Armstrong’s U.S. Cycling Team, WWE professional wrestler Sarona Tamina Snuka  and close to a hundred more clients each with specific dietary needs.

One-part cook book, one-part food industry exposé and one-part humorous inspiration; the perfect recipe to improve and change your life from the inside out.

Learn the lies and the truths about the food industry, that Celebrity Chef Elisa Eliot discovered in her 20- year career feeding pro athletes, actors, billionaires and the sick; including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his mother Ata Johnson during her battle with lung cancer.

This cook book will teach you how to easily evaluate truly healthy foods and get setup for a permanent, successful lifestyle shift. Learn how to navigate your food when you’re effected by IBS, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune diseases and more.

Learn how to eat to restore your health and lose weight, as Chef Elisa also did for herself, losing 80 pounds. The book includes your Game Plan for step by step, meal prep guide that breaks is down and makes it easy and fast.  Meal Prep like a beast!

This how to cook book is designed for the beginner, but experienced cooks will love the brilliant “all pro” chef short cuts that makes it easy peasy and delish. Learn how to eat organic and clean for $8.00 a meal, cost average. Yes, you can eat like a celeb on drive thru budget.

Early Praise:

“Chef Elisa’s keen understanding of how our food, body and health dynamics interact transcends the base knowledge of just calories and general food groups. She dives into the behind the scene food technologies to track preserving techniques which can impact how we process our nutrition. It just took a few hours with Chef Elisa for me to learn how to track my body’s needs and progress. After following her recommendations and eating her delicious suggestions, I experienced noticeable health improvements in just a few days.

Within a week my sleep, energy, and stress were all significantly improved. I am forever empowered and improved from knowing her. I call her a miracle worker, she says “healing happens, it’s that easy.”

Walt Freese.
President & CEO at Sterling-Rice Group,
Former, Operating Partner at Goode Partners,
Former Chief Executive Officer at Stonyfield Farm

Chef in her own words
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5.0 out of 5 starsFood revolution!, February 22, 2016
 By Alejandro
This review is from: Food is Power, Cooking is Love: How to make it your wholesome meal (Paperback)
Such great content! Really changed my perspective on food and life. Thank you so much.
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A Portion of the book proceeds is donated to the Center for Science in the Public Interest for their continued research and work to help keep us informed for wholesome choices.