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By the ingredients alone Wholesome Meal Snack Bites already sound amazingly good for you. With 5 flavors there is surely one that will be right up your alley, with all flavors made with organic ingredients and are naturally gluten free. Created with (organic) nut butters, flax seed, (organic) rice crisps, protein powders and other healthy ingredients (which vary by flavor.)


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We recently received an assortment pack of the 5 flavors of the Wholesome Meals Snack Bites line to try out. Each resealable tube has 6 balls, which is 2 to 3 servings. Each ball has 4 grams non-gmo protein. At first I thought the balls would be hard, as energy balls often are. I was happily surprised they are more like a cookie, crisp and easy to bite through.


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Do you snack? Do you ever eat breakfast on the go? Then I have a great product to share with you today: Wholesome Meal Snack Bites! Snack Bites are "nutritious balls of organic nut butter with a one of a kind packaging that’s super healthy and great for on the go." They are made from organic and all-natural, gluten free ingredients with top shelf Non-GMO proteins, and they come in 5 great flavors (Peanut Butter, Vegan Cran Almond, Nutty Monkey, Chia Chocolate, and Sunny Honey).


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Her clientele has included Ata and Dwayne Johnson, Dan Marino and family, Former Miami Dolphin’s General Manager Jeff Ireland’s daughters’, actor Tommy Lee Jones’s family, Former NFL players Jason Taylor and Terry, Kirby, Chris Grattan, NHL Florida Panther hockey players, The Indigo Girls, heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, Tanji Patton, Good Taste TV and former television news anchor, Walt Freese, former CEO of Stony Brook Farms and Ben & Jerry’s, Dr. Burton Grossman, Texas Billionaire philanthropist, Adam Terris, minor league baseball player and clients of Dr. Bret Emery, Behavioral Medicine, including Atlanta Braves baseball players, professional golfers, members of Lance Armstrong’s U.S. Cycling Team, WWE professional wrestler Sarona Tamina Snuka and close to a hundred more clients.  After many clients asked for delicious healthy snacks to fit their dietary needs, she created the first Snack Bite.

Chef Elisa is a 5 Star reviewed Event Catering Chef. While developing the Chef Elisa’s Catering business in South Florida, she also found a niche market serving nutritional protocols and healthy snacks to clients seeking health restoration. She discovered her passion and talent for cooking, thanks to her mother, when she was 13 years old. And with the help of her tutor, she catered her first hors d’ oeuvre buffet wedding for 60 guests at the tender age of 15. Following her own instincts, she has built her now two South Florida-based food businesses, Chef Elisa’s Catering and Wholesome Meal.


Snack Bites are perfect for gluten free, low sugar, protein seeking, health conscious, clean eating and educated customers. Your go to organic snack comes in 5 gluten free flavors.

We use only organic nut butters and made in America quality clean protein nutritional powders. You know we love to drop names, so we showcase our manufacturers right on every label.

Our packaging, which is also made in America, makes it easy for you to bring your healthy snacks with you, where ever you go. It’s super easy to toss the no leak tube of Snack Bites in your purse, gym bag, backpack and even your back pocket. Snack Bites are the easiest solution for all of you seeking healthy organic snacks.

Snack Bites are especially great for those seeking a low sugar snack. While Snack Bites are low sugar, they are still satisfyingly sweet. Snack Bites are smooth and crunchy at the same time. Delicious organic rice crisps and organic flax seed give them a wonderful crunch, all rolled up in smooth creamy organic nut butters. They melt in your mouth like a crunchy truffle of goodness.

Chef Elisa named her company Wholesome Meal, to always be reminded of the word’s true meaning

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